Thursday, October 13, 2011

Patent Pending?

Not long ago, David and I were getting ready for bed one evening when my darling, darling husband glanced at my abdomen. Gesturing to my baby belly, with its fourth-time-around uber-outie, he remarked, "Pregnant women need bras for their belly-buttons."

Thanks, Babe.

Yeah, would someone please get on that right away? Because I really, really feel that I what I need in this season is another undergarment, preferably something that I have to wrestle with and adjust. The lack of said garment is leaving a deep, aching void in my life, so please... please...

I'm sure that whoever invents the Bee-Bo Bra (apologies to Sandra Boynton and the hippos) is going to have a huge hit on his hands. Or... maybe a huge hit to the schnoz. (Kidding, of course. I would never actually punch anyone. But you know, I really can't vouch for the people at the patent office. You'll just have to hope that none of them are pregnant.)


Sandi said...

What a good laugh. I needed that. And Sandra Boynton is one of our favs....especially The Belly Button book. We have our own special rendition of the song.

Trinity and the brood said...

Wahhh!!! The BEE BO BRA!! BEE Bo's reign supreme in our house! Michael eats the kids bee bo's every time he comes from work. I guess if he ate mine right now, he'd be stuffed....I can't get over the mental image of a bra for the pregnant bellybutton. Classy.