Wednesday, April 07, 2010

This Goes Out To the One I Love...

Dear David James,

If I was a cheesy call-in show host on the radio station of your mind, I could just play this song for you without forcing you to make any effort. As it is, I have to put my technical ignorance on display (again) and ask you to go here and listen to what you find. And after you listen, read on...

Singing along this morning as iTunes progressed through my playlist, I suddenly choked on grateful tears as I heard these lyrics leaving my mouth. How graciously, perfectly this song seems to capture this moment in our lives. (Does Watermark know us??) My heart is full as I think on the quiet, steadfast, priceless ways that you love me, the challenges we've faced together, the wonderful ways that God works in this crazy, beautiful thing called marriage. My dearest Love, I wish I was with you right now to whisper these words in your ear.

No matter what may come, my heart was made for you. Forever.