Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grateful Today

Sunday. What a good day to give thanks to God! And how I hope that each and every day brings me closer to a life that exemplifies "rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances." (1 Thess 5:16-17)

Today, Lord, I am particularly thankful for:
-the knowledge that a ransomed people all over the world gathers this day to worship You, our great Redeemer
-a church family that continues to gather faithfully and expectantly even in the midst of challenge and uncertainty
-Your Holy Spirit, who continues to meet us in our weakness and unfinished-ness
-pastors who keep on loving and laboring during a troubled season
-the gift of beautiful, creative music that lifts our hearts up and helps us to delight in You
-a place to serve and do my small part to advance Your kingdom work
-my husband, his quiet and faithful leadership, his quiet and faithful service, and his bold vision
-a very rare weekend with my sister, her kids, Mom and Dad, and my other sissie
-a little girl who enjoys her cousins so much that she sobbed all the way home after saying goodbye to them
-awareness of growth in compassion and patience toward my children after years of working to put off anger
-growing understanding of who I am in Jesus: cleansed, hidden, united
-two gorgeous fall days in a row
-the beginnings of a show of ravishing autumn colors all the way home from church
-three children napping at the same time
-the certainty that You will provide grace for tomorrow, in whatever shapes and sizes I need

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Trinity and the brood said...

mmmm, amen. Like Ann Voskamp says: All is grace.