Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pool Day Pictures

If you haven't already, stop by my dear friend Jess' blog to see some pictures of our kids playing at her in-laws' pool last Friday. Thanks for your hospitality, Nona and PopPop Marcantonio! And thank you, Jess, for not posting any of the full-length shots of yours truly!

FYI to any who wonder: "Duko" is the Marc fam's pet name for Matthew. When Matthew was still a newborn, his big sister called him Duko for a while... we never did find out why. Now, nearly two years later, Meg has long since moved on, but Jess and Kris are still calling our boy Duko, or sometimes just "Duke." Jack, being an efficient little fella with no use for extraneous conjunctions, just calls our kids "MegDuko," hence, the title of Jess' post.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Boy

I think I've given up on doing comprehensive Wilcox Family Tour recap posts. (I'm a little slow to embrace reality sometimes--the rest of you probably gave up weeks ago.) But I am going to try and post a few brief stories, along with some of the few (iPhone) photos we have. To refresh your memories, in mid-June we traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to see Dave's Dad and Jan. From there we zipped up to Michigan, where we made a couple of stops and got to see much of Dave's Mom's side of the family.

While traveling in the South and Midwest, we encountered a species that I thought was long extinct: Big Boy Restaurants. I remember eating there on multiple occasions when I was a little girl, but the last one near my hometown in Northern Virginia must have shut down 20 or 25 years ago. Not so in Kentucky and Michigan.

On the day that we traveled from Holland, Michigan to Merritt, Michigan, where Dave's Mom and Tom have retired, we decided to make our lunch stop at a Big Boy. I was slightly apprehensive, expecting the place to be a dive, but the other option was McDonald's, and we were sick to death of fast food. In fact, Big Boy provided one of the most peaceful, overall enjoyable meals we had during the whole trip. The place was clean and in good repair, the staff was friendly, the food fine, our kids were obedient and they actually ate what we ordered for them with little to no resistance!

(Of course, there was that part where my stomach suddenly freaked out--we're talking no warning whatsoever. My digestive system held me hostage in the handicapped stall of the ladies' room for 15 minutes straight, and BOTH of my kids were in there with me. But we won't go into any more detail about that. Especially the part where Matthew lay down on the floor, hands and face in full contact with the tile, while I helplessly begged him to stand up.)

The most memorable part of this stop for our kids was the indispensable Big Boy statue in front of the restaurant. Meg talked about him for weeks after the trip. She especially liked how he carried a plate with a hamburger on it.

Gee, Big Boy, thanks for the memories. We might never have known what we were missing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pregnancy Comments

While I'm quoting my kiddos (see previous post), how about some other quotables for you? As many of you mommies know firsthand, being pregnant makes you a sudden magnet for colorful comments from strangers and acquaintances. Here are some of the good ones I've gotten this time around.

Where and When: On the sidewalk down the street from our house, three days ago
An Interaction With: Our six-year old neighbor, Aurie
Aurie: You look like you're pregnant!
Me: (smiling) I am pregnant! What do you think this big belly is?
Aurie: (Evenly, looking me straight in the eye) A big belly.

Where and When: Chipotle, our date night two weeks ago
An Interaction With: Our cashier, a young man in his early twenties
Cashier: What are you, m'am, about seven months along?
Me: (surprised) Oh, uh... yes! Yes, I am! Good guess!
Cashier: Yeah, my girlfriend looked about like that... well, she maybe wasn't quite that big, but, man, she sure got grumpy around that time!

I'll leave it to you to conjecture whether his comparison was in reference to my shape or my expression. And speaking of shape, I've saved my favorite moment for last.

Where and When: Panera, sometime last month
An Interaction With: A fortyish woman I'd never seen before and her kindergarten-aged son, as we were both waiting for our food
Woman: Excuse me, could I borrow your tummy for a minute?
Me: Excuse me?
Woman: Could I borrow your tummy?
Me: (A little uncertain) Ummmm... sure!
Woman: (To her little boy) Hey, come here and look, buddy. See this lady? This is what a pregnant lady looks like. See her shape? It looks like she has a basketball under there, right? But see how she's tiny every where else?
Boy: Uh-huh!
Woman: (To me) We've been having this little problem with him approaching strange women who are just, um... a little heavier and asking if they're pregnant, so I'm trying to show him what the real deal looks like.
Me: Ohhhh, I see.
Boy: (Touching my tummy reverently) You gotta baby in there?
Me: I sure do. She's a little tiny thing right now. She's got to get a lot bigger before she comes out.
Boy: She's little tiny?
Me: Yup, she's about (holding my hands 12 inches apart) thiiiis big.
Boy: (Measuring his hands against mine) This big?
Me: Yup.
Boy: Wow.

Really liked the part where the lady said I was "tiny" everywhere else. I cherish those kind words as I now grow out of all but the stretchiest of my stretchy jeans. (No maternity pants this time around--or at least, very few. I am carrying this child so high that every kind of paneled pant slides right down to my hips and hangs there uselessly.) Meanwhile, I just keep thinking, "Tiny. I'm tiny. Tiiiiiiiny! Really, I am."

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Top Ten Favorite Things Our Kids Say Now

1. Word or Expression: "beskwit"
Translation: "breakfast"
Who Says It and How: Meg, confidently
Example/Notes: (The other morning as I came into her room to get her up for the day) "Mommy, can we go to Ice Cream Cone (Jimmie Cone) after beskwit?"

2. Word or Expression: "Med-eh"
Translation: "Meg"
Who Says It and How: Matthew, warmly
Example/Notes: (As I point to his sister) "Matthew, who's that?" (As a huge smile spreads across his face) "Med-eh!" This is something of a breakthrough since, until last month, Matthew always called Meg "sister".

3. Word or Expression: "besh"
Translation: "bless you"
Who Says It and How: Matthew, immediately
Example/Notes: Before my "achoo" ends, Matthew is saying, "Besh." Seriously, if you're in need of some blessing, just come over and let a big ol' sneeze rip. Our boy's got you covered.

4. Word or Expression: "go-go"
Translation: "Thank you"
Who Says It and How: Matthew, politely
Example/Notes: We think Matthew's "thank-you" is almost as cute as my little sister Lena's was at his age. Hers was "dee-too."

5. Word or Expression: "wan"
Translation: "van"
Who Says It and How: Meg, obliviously
Example/Notes: "Mommy, I'm weee, weee excited about getting in the wan for our wisit!"

6. Word or Expression: "dut"
Translation: "stuck"
Who Says It and How: Matthew, frantically
Example/Notes: (About 53 times a day, as his sleeve/toe/head/trike wheel get caught in or on something) "Dut! DUT! DUUUUUUUUUUT!"

7. Word or Expression: "What on ERF?"
Translation: "What on earth?"
Who Says It and How: Meg, indignantly
Example/Notes: (Any time she is mildly surprised, with hands cocked in the air and a shocked expression on her face) "What on ERF?" Dave says we should note that this is an expression she picked up from me. One of those things you don't realize you're saying till it comes back at you from your kid's mouth.

8. Word or Expression: "Kah-da"
Translation: "What do you call that?"
Who Says It and How: Matthew, obscurely
Example/Notes: Actually, we only think this is what he is saying with this sound-combination. If he says it while pointing at an object, and then we name the object, it seems to satisfy him. It's translation by the process of elimination... we can't figure out anything else that this could mean.

9. Word or Expression: "Die-die-die-die-die-die."
Translation: "My diaper needs some immediate attention here, people."
Who Says It and How: Matthew, urgently
Example/Notes: (After a moment of obvious exertion, patting his bottom) "Die-die-die-die-die-die." "Oh, do you have a poopy diaper, Matthew?" "Poopud-uh. Die-die-die-die."

Word or Expression: "Stinky turkey!"
Translation: Um...
Who Says It and How: Meg, hysterically
Example/Notes: This is a... what do I call it? An insult? Not really... it's more like a stand-alone joke that Meg invented this week. It grew out of a Sandra Boynton book in which the turkey character always puts items of clothing on the wrong parts of his body. (Shoes on his head, coat hanging from his beak, etc.) When Dave used to read it to Meg, he would always say, "Silly turkey!" at the end of every page. A couple of years and one three-year old mind later, I guess it just kind of... morphed. Now she hollers it to Matthew--"STINKY TURKEY!"--out of the blue, and immediately convulses, literally shrieking with laughter. So far, Matthew does not appear to be amused.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Meg: Mommy, can I have some cookies for snack?

Me: Sorry, girlie, we don't have any cookies.

Meg: We should!

I couldn't agree more, Meggie. Every house always ought to have a well-stocked cookie jar. Your Mommy humbly apologizes for this lapse in pantry-stocking.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The WAM That WAS


We had a great time hanging out with friends last night, but... but it did seem like something was missing.

We tried and tried to figure out what the missing something was, to no avail. Oh, well. Maybe next month.

(With my sincere apologies to readers who are not in on the joke.)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

30 Weeks!

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant. In all likelihood, eight to ten weeks from today we will be meeting our little girl! I get more excited about that every day. In fact, this whole pregnancy, which has seemed far more surreal than my others, is finally coming home to my heart and mind.

Our wee girlie is moving every day--vigorously! This morning before I got out of bed I was lying on my back watching my belly change shapes (always a little bizarre) as she did her morning calisthenics. I reached down and could feel her teeny bum on the upper left side of my belly. Moving my hand down and to the right, I distinctly felt a little knee! How amazing.

As far as my midwives and the ultrasound techs are concerned, this baby looks healthy and strong. We are so grateful to God, especially since we did have a "threatened miscarriage" late in my first trimester, with bleeding that lasted into my second. They still aren't quite sure what caused this. This Monday I go back for yet another ultrasound to check if they can see anything more than what they've seen the last two times. (Girlie is not always very cooperative during ultrasounds.) Praise the Lord though--at this point, it doesn't appear to be anything that will harm the baby or adversely affect labor and delivery.

In general, I am still feeling great, though I do have days where the energy is a little low. I'm sure more of those are on the horizon, but for now I'm just enjoying the "glow" stage. (You know, the part that comes before the "waddle" stage...)

In closing, let me tell you about the weirdest side effect that I've noticed during this pregnancy: I can't push a swing straight to save my life. Both of my kids are loving swing sets this summer. I mean, we go to the playground, and all they want to do is swing. Matthew, especially, would go for hours if allowed. But I can't push either kid straight. It doesn't matter what kind of swing it is or where we are--I always push crooked. Not crooked enough to cause an accident, mind you, but crooked enough for me to notice it. Repeatedly. So what's with me? I haven't noticed balance issues in any other context. Has any other mom experienced this phenomenon, or am I just kooky?

Friday, July 10, 2009


I have... I really have been working on those Wilcox Family Tour recap posts. But they're taking a lot of time, and time is in short supply right now. Meanwhile, this blog grows old and stale, and probably everyone has given up checking it anyway. But for anyone who is still hanging on, here's a little prayer I just heard through Meg's monitor:

"Dear Fah-yer (Father), please help my husband. Help him to be a good man and a good helper to Mommy and his wife."

Every night when we pray at bedtime, we pray for Meg's future husband. I'm not sure she quite understands what a husband really is yet, but, still... cute.