Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ol' Whatshisname... and Today's Weather!

Me: Who remembers one of the jazz musicians we learned about?
Meg: Oh! Peter Parker!
Me: Mmmm... yes, well, Charlie Parker, right?
Meg: Oh, yeah! He played saxophone!
Me: Right, he was a saxophonist. Now, Peter Parker...
Meg: Yeah, he's the guy who picked a peck of pickled peppers.
Me: (giggling) No, that would be Peter Piper.
Meg: Oh, yeah!
Me: Peter Parker is the guy who turns into Spider-Man.
Meg: Oh. Right.

* * *

And in other news...


In October! The picture above doesn't do it justice--right now it's really coming down out there! David said this morning, "This is like Michigan!" (Of course, we won't have anything like Michigan accumulations, but still... I don't think I can ever remember snow before Halloween around here.)

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Lena said...

This post absolutely cracks me up. Probably cause I mix up names like that all the time, myself.