Thursday, October 20, 2011

Funny Man at Dinner


Our boy cracked us up at dinner last night. There were at least three times when he piped up with an unexpected quip and made us reconsider our words in light of how a four-year old hears them. Unfortunately, I could only remember two of the three exchanges by the time I sat down to capture them, but here are those two, for your reading (and our remembering) pleasure.

Matthew: Mommy, do you wike milk?
Me: Mmmm, not really, buddy. Not any more. Not to drink.
Matthew: Oh.
Me: But I do like milk in things, like...
Matthew: Wike a cup?

Daddy: What did you do in math today?
Meg: We played a game!
Daddy: Cool! How did that work?
Matthew: Not so good.

For the record, the math game was fun and worked fine, but I guess Matthew just saw the opportunity to get in a funny and went for it. It really did make us laugh; here is Dave, expecting an explanation of the game's rules, and Matthew immediately interjects in this VERY somber voice a blanket condemnation of the whole thing. After we had our chuckle, Matthew looked around the table with a very satisfied smile.

"I wike making people waugh," he said.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, cute and funny!

Jerusha said...

so cute...I love your blog and all the stories you share. :)

Debbie said...

That is quite sophisticated for a four year old! I love it.

Thanks for sharing your life, my friend. Even if I don't get to see you & talk, I get to enjoy your little corner of the world.

Love you!

Don Wilcox said...

Hey, Cara --- It's PapaDon in Louisville.
I have the answer to where Matthew gets his "I wike to make people laugh" comment. It skips a generation. He gets it from his PapaDon !! Dave's personality is fantastic, but he admits that he is very serious and "Sober." So, I think that Matthew and PapaDon will relate more as time goes on. What do you think??

Cara said...

Dad, I have never had any other answer in view but the one you suggest. :)