Tuesday, March 03, 2015

This Picture Alone is Worth the Price of the New Phone

I could never capture this moment before, because I never have a camera on my person when I'm pulling someone out of the tub! Ah, but that phone sitting in my back pocket now...

How I love a cuddly, damp, towel-wrapped cutie grinning at me in the mirror after a bath.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

A (Brief) Tale of Woe

Esme wrote this short story last week, completely on her own. The illustrations kill me. She really manages to convey dismay and distress in the body language of her characters!

I'm including her captions below with punctuation added, but the spelling and capitalization are hers.

I have a Flat tier
(I think this is the title page.)

One day My tier was Flat. My Daddy had a Flat tier too. it is hot tobay.

Then Momy cam in. "I have a Flat tier too!"

That's it. That's the whole story. Gritty, sweaty, bleak--a stark portrayal of the times when life just dogpiles on top of you. That's the kind of story teller Esme is.

Or it could just be that "flat" was one of her spelling words last week.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dacia's Visit

I would fail indeed if I failed to mention the best bit of our February: a luxurious, week-long visit from David's sister, Dacia. Always the intrepid bargain-hunter, Dacia took advantage of holiday sales to book a bottom-dollar airline ticket, which gave us something to look forward to in the long, midwinter lull. Boy, do our kids love them some Aunt Dacia...





And, boy, does she love them, as evidenced by these pictures she took on (or after) various adventures with the kids...





That last picture is of Graham after Aunt Dacia's preschooler rite-of-passage: the trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop. As you may have gathered, Graham chose a Spiderman bear with Spiderman-printed plush, as well as the bear-sized Spiderman costume. It was love at first sight--Graham knew instantly that this bear was the One. And let me tell you, this bear has been well cherished (assuming you measure affection by costume changes, which Graham certainly does).

Dacia, as always, it was such a pleasure to have you here. Thanks for the way you and Josh love and invest in our family. We don't take it for granted, and we love you guys very much.

Meg's In Print!

Here's a newsflash: after several submissions to the magazine Highlights' "Your Own Pages," followed by several gentle rejections, Meg received the following letter early this month:

Dear Margaret:
Thank you for sending us your inspiring illustrated poem, "The Actress," a while ago. The other editors and I enjoyed seeing it. We have posted a copy of your work on our Web site, HighlightsKids.com, and we have enclosed a printed copy of the Web page for you... your work can be found in the March 2015 area; keep hitting the green right arrow button until you find your work.
We hope you'll continue to use your creative talents to bring joy to yourself and to those around you! Best wishes from all of us here at Highlights.
Christine French Cully
Editor in Chief
I'm including the printed copy they sent with her letter, but you should really check out the real thing here! (Keep hitting the green arrow until you see Meg's contribution, titled "The Actress".)


Congratulations, Sweet Pea! Way to persevere until you saw this wish come true!