Monday, October 29, 2007

And Speaking of Mischief...

First Smile I detect an impish twinkle in those little eyes? This is Matthew's first captured smile, and the expression you see here is quite typical of his happy times. Often when he is nursing he looks up and smiles at me like this, as if to say, "Isn't it fun being us, Mommy?" I'm just sure he would wink if he could. Oh, what a sweetie!

Matthew continues to be "Good Baby" around here... eats well, sleeps well, looks handsome. He likes his bath and being held and talked to. He doesn't like being set down (even for a moment) when he thinks he is about to be fed, and he doesn't like to be cold (e.g., after a bath when we are diapering and dressing him).

Matthew, or "Du-ko," as Meg sometimes calls him (no, I have no idea) is now a couple of days past six weeks old. His baby acne has cleared up, at least temporarily, but he may have a touch of eczema in its place. Or maybe that's just another manifestation of the acne. At any rate, he has made the transition from one to two quite a breeze, and we are loving every moment of our family time together. Praise God for sweet little babies--and for the not so sweet ones too! What grace, joy and wonder they bring into our lives. May our family, our church and our nation always welcome and cherish them with gratefulness to The One Who Thought Them Up!

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