Sunday, August 16, 2009

What We're Up To Around Here

In no particular order:

Eating Yogurt: I'm sure that I've easily eaten my own body weight in Dannon Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt during this pregnancy. Mmm... sometimes I eat it twice a day. I use it in fruit smoothies, dump spoonfuls of it over chunks of fruit, or enjoy it all by itself, in all its creamy goodness. (My husband is stifling his gag reflex as he reads this.) Our kids like yogurt too, but they usually get the full fat, plain variety. Here's what Matthew looked like after yogurt with fruit at lunchtime today.
Yogurt Face 1
(No, he's not eating yogurt with a fork. By the time I took these, he had moved on to course two.)

Please note the white stuff in and around his ear. In his hair. And on his eye lash.
Yogurt Face 2

Don't let those beautiful blues fool you; he's going to make a royal fuss when it comes time to clean him up.
Yogurt Face 3

Welcoming Daddy Home: Dave and our friend Brandon had the chance to go to Cedar Point for a few days this week. It was a time for the guys-with-pregnant-wives to get away and ride roller coasters to their hearts' content. After my failed attempt to get David to an amusement park last year, I was thrilled for him to have this opportunity. Thanks for planning the trip, Uncle Brandon! Glad you guys had fun and stayed safe. And I'm even gladder to hear that there is a couples' trip in the works for next year!

Mourning/Holding the Fort: Last week we said goodbye to Latricia, my husband's faithful administrative assistant of the past two years. It would be extremely difficult for me to tell you how much God's provision of Latricia meant to our family; you would think I was employing hyperbole if I tried. You would also have a hard time understanding me, as I would instantly start to cry. Suffice it to say (for now) that Latricia rocked our world through her hard work, attention to detail and genuine care for everyone around her. Earlier this year, Latricia decided to move on to pursue graduate work in theater. (And, hey, if I was going to be excited about losing her, that's one of the few things I could get excited about.) So last Saturday was her final day in the office. Now Dave is extra busy trying to do his job as well as an assistant's. And even as we grieve over losing Latricia, we joyfully anticipate the coming of Jenn, Latricia's replacement, who arrives in the office on Wednesday. Jenn is a former employee of Dave's and a long-time volunteer on the Covenant Life tech teams, so it will be great to have her back! (She got married last fall and moved to Texas with her husband, but they're returning this year to take part in the Sovereign Grace Pastors College! So cool!)

Getting Ready for Baby: You know, switching around clothes and closets and dressers, moving some furniture--stuff like that. Our preparations have been pretty minimal this time around, since there's no new room to paint and decorate and furnish. I hope Little Girl won't be offended.

Writing: I have the joy of being on the team that writes our church's Christmas plays, which is soooooo much fun. It's also hard work, and we are in crunch time right now, with two weeks till auditions and a script that still has far to go. Pray for us if you think of it! Our earnest desire is to create something that points our church and visitors to the history-altering, life-changing nature of Christ's incarnation.

Getting Ready for Beach: Our Nalle-family Outer Banks trip is coming up soon, and I can't wait! Among the many things I'm looking forward to this year is seeing these cuties...
Spruill Smiles
It's my little nephew and niece, Ari and Aylenne. Jacque and Asher got this shot a few weeks ago, and every time I look at it, I just itch to hold that little girl!

In case this list is unclear, we're a little busy right now. So if the blog seems quiet for a while, just refer back to this post... and bear with us! We're so grateful to everyone who takes the time to visit us here, and we'll try not to keep you waiting too long.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dad and Mom: 30 Years

Mom and Dad
Today my parents celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. As I consider their years together, I am aware of one thing above all others: a faithful God has carried them on wings of grace every step of the way. May He be magnified for His mercy today!

Daddy and Momma, I am so thankful to our good God for strengthening you to keep your promise to one another all these years. I am so thankful for the hard work and the heart work you have invested in order to love one another faithfully. I am so thankful for the friendship that you share, for the help and support you provide to one another through life's ever-changing seasons. I am so thankful that you continue to love each other tenderly. I know that you are both aware of many areas where you still want to grow, but your marriage is a picture of Christ and his church, just as God's Word says it should be.

Here's my dad's statement to the twitterverse today:

"Today my bride of 30 years and I celebrate our anniversary. God has made a loud statement of his love by joining me to this lovely lady."

And my husband's reply:

"Congratulations! You are a lucky man, and we are a lucky family to have your example of God-honoring marriage."

Amen and amen. Daddy and Momma, I love you both so much.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Down the Slide

Some pictures for Daddy to enjoy, since he hasn't seen his babies in a couple of days:

Slidin' 1

Slidin' 3

Slidin' 4

Slidin' 2

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What My Kids Did This Morning While Waiting for Breakfast

Little Readers 1

Little Readers 2

Meg has The House At Pooh Corner and Matthew has The Nutcracker, in case anyone wonders. I sure do love my little readers.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Look! Our Kids Have Faces!

We've had a long dearth of pictures here at the Wilcox Family blog, but thanks to our dear friend Katherine, it just might be over. (Katherine graciously loaned us her old camera while ours is broken--thanks muchly, Dear!) Today I get to post pictures of Meg and Matthew! Hooray! They aren't very good pictures, but I am so excited to have pictures of any quality that I don't care! (I don't think I've used enough exclamation points in this paragraph! Here are a few more!!!!)

We went to the Splash Playground this morning. Lots of fun, once the kids got over their initial water-shyness. Here they are with Daddy...
Splash Park 1

They were looking at this contraption, which was a source of great fascination and terror for Matthew.
Splash Park 2

Splash Park 3

She can't resist trying to drink the chlorinated water. Mmm, tasty.
Splash Park 4

Little Blondie
Splash Park 5

Giddyap, Turtle!
Splash Park 6

My dearest little loves
Splash Park 7

Mommy had such a wonderful time with you today, my Sweethearts!

Matthew, I love how you got braver and braver throughout the morning. After I sat down on the concrete and splashed with you for a while, you began to take courage and do more than just wander around and cry when water got in your eyes. By the end of our time, you were running through one of the shorter fountains and bounding into my arms for a big kiss and/or raspberry... over and over and over and over...

My Meg, I had such a fun time making handprints and footprints with you on the dry bits of concrete. I loved watching you zig and zag your way around the perimeter of the big fountain maze. You are still so unconscious of everyone else in the world when you are enjoying yourself--what a gift to be so uninhibited! I especially loved it when you came over and lay down on my lap as I sat with my legs stretched out in front of me. You just rested there, in the middle of all of the spraying water and shrieking children, with your head on my big tummy, and cuddled with Mommy.

Special moments in a fairly ordinary day... I don't want to forget them!

How To Be a Labor Coach (by my husband)

Just saw this in my David's twitter log. It's his 140-characters-or-less wisdom for a first-time dad whose wife is planning to go natural with their first baby this fall. I think it's brilliant. And hilarious.

"How to be a coach: stay conscious, hold her hand, do what she tells you, don’t let her drown in the hot tub, never stop encouraging."

Babe, you're an awesome labor coach and the only one I want by my side when I'm delivering babies. If you keep following your own advice, I think we'll be all set when #3 starts making her way into the world. I love you.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Domino Effect

Speaking of the Marcantonios, today at church I get called out of the auditorium via our paging system. I gather my belongings and walk down to the "holding room" where they keep the kids who are crying or otherwise in need of parental attention. A distressed Matthew is there, in the arms of a kind volunteer. I rescue him, and we head for the restroom, where Matthew calms down a little. He has been doing relatively well in his class recently, staying there through the entire service(!!), so I am curious as to why today is different. "Why were you so upset today, Buddy?" I ask him, not really thinking I will receive an answer.

"Dack," he says promptly, which usually means Jack. I can't quite figure out what Jack would have to do with anything. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding him. At any rate, I let it go.

Fifteen minutes later, the service is ending, and Jess comes rolling out of the kids' wing of the building with Jack and Emma in the stroller. "So," she says, approaching me, "did Matthew stay in class all day today?"

"No," I reply, "not today."

"It's Jack's fault," she says. "I'm so sorry." She then explains how she took Jack to class, noting that both Matthew and Jack's other good playdate buddy were already there. Great, she thinks, we're golden today! (Jack also has a history of not staying in his class.) Unfortunately, she is wrong, and Jack immediately starts clawing at mommy and screaming. "Matthew was doing fine until then," she concludes. "I think Jack set him off."

I am still chuckling over this--not so much at what happened, but at the fact that Matthew actually communicated it to me with some level of accuracy! And I blew him off, thinking he didn't know what he was talking about! Well, heads up, Mama. This little boy is starting to know his own mind, and he's telling you about it if you have the patience and insight to draw him out.

One final word, just in case I'm presenting Jack in a negative light. Jack is definitely not the only reason why Matthew might be removed from his classroom, even lately. Just two or maybe three weeks ago, I arrived in the holding room to find my son with a bloody knee. (The cause? He picked a scab in class and, due to legal regulations, children's ministry volunteers aren't allowed to administer first aid.) So, Jack, rest assured that we don't think you're the source of all Matthew's troubles. It's just that, today, you happened to be the first domino to fall.