Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cooking Lesson #2

A couple of weeks ago Meg had the chance to play with some raw ingredients in the kitchen. Today we took one more baby step: making break-and-bake cookies from the refrigerator aisle at the grocery. Here's the recap...

First steps: wash hands and don aprons. Here's my cute little baker in hers:
Cookie Baking 3

The raw cookies. (Can you tell which tray Mommy helped with?)
Cookie Baking 1

Waiting for the cookies to finish baking. "If I have to wait much longer I'll pull my lips right off!"
Cookie Baking 2

Fresh out of the oven: warm, gooey, and fragrant.
Cookie Baking 4

After lunch came the best part. Time to taste our handiwork:
Cookie Baking 5

"Wow, are these really the same things that I put on the cookie sheet when they were all cold and sticky?"
Cookie Baking 6

"Whatever they are, they're pretty good."
Cookie Baking 7

Making it even better with a cup of milk:
Cookie Baking 9

My own sweet little Cookie.
Cookie Baking 8

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Anonymous said...

How cute is she!!! I loved the story about the vaseline....Jan