Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yesterday Dave and I got home from a two-night trip to Annapolis, Maryland. It was our first time away and alone together since Meg was born, and it will be our last before Baby Boy comes next month. It was romantic, relaxing and memorable, and I am so grateful to my wonderful husband for planning to bless me in this way!

Sunday afternoon after Dave got home from church, we loaded up our car and drove Meg to Grandpop and Nana's house. There Aunt Lena received our little girl and engaged her attention while Dave and I slipped out (after bestowing hugs and kisses, of course). We are thankful, thankful, thankful for Mom and Dad and Lena and Cubby's willingness to serve us by keeping Meggers for the weekend. Apparently she did great while we were away--no surprise given the love and attention she always receives from our dear family!

So on to Annapolis, where my David had planned everything in advance--from our hotel to where we would eat each meal to what we would do with our "down time". This was all part of his effort to serve me and make our time away as relaxing as possible for me--I didn't even have the stress of making decisions if I didn't want to! Delightful!

It was a very low-key trip, just the way we Wilcoxes tend to like things. We spent time splashing leisurely around in the hotel pool (I love swimming), having extended quiet times together at a local Barnes and Noble, walking and talking, sleeping in--and, of course, eating some really yummy food. Two main highlights I will share with you:

On Monday, Dave had planned for us to grab take-out sandwiches at this superb little cafe, then head across the street to a park that fronted on the water. (This was nowhere near all of the touristy, down-town, been-there-three-zillion-times stuff, by the way. We never would have stumbled upon either the cafe or the park apart from some serious research on the part of my man. Way to go, Love!) So we ordered the food and found our way to the park. I wish we had pictures of this gorgeous spot! We sat in a little gazebo on a ridge overlooking a river, just at the point where it met with the bay. It was hot outside, but we were wonderfully shaded under the gazebo. The water glittered, boats drifted by lazily, butterflies floated in and out of nearby bushes. The sandwiches were definitely as good as we had hoped, and the conversation was marvelous. As I told my husband afterward, I simply can't remember when I've had a more lovely, idyllic lunch. (That's probably because I never have.)

That night, after a nap and a swim back at the hotel, we headed downtown to the historic district and the waterfront. After strolling a bit (with frequent breaks so my big tummy could sit down and rest), we found a spot on the pier where we could talk and watch the boats go by.
Annapolis 3

Annapolis 1

Annapolis 4

(One thing you have to know about Dave and me: we love the water and boats of all kinds and have dreams of taking up sailing some day. When we are rich and have lots of spare time, that is. Ahem.)

As the sun began to set, we drove over to My Very Favorite Restaurant of All Time. It's called the Chart House. Now, Dave and I are no gourmets, so you have to take our dining recommendations with a little grain of salt. However, my attachment to the Chart House Annapolis goes far beyond excellent food (which I do happen to think they have). See, this is the restaurant where Dave and I had our first "special" date. Knowing my love of boats, ships, and sea lore, Dave had selected this restaurant as an extra special way to bless me after we had been courting for several months. (The Chart House is housed in a huge pavilion originally used for ship building.) We both remember having really good fellowship that evening, and connecting on a deeper level than we had previously. Maybe that's why we remember it as the first date when there was a note of genuine romance in the air.

Seven or eight months later, Dave took me back to Annapolis on a Sunday afternoon. We had a sweet, unforgettable adventure of a day, and after another dinner at the Chart House, he proposed on the dock that neighbors the restaurant. This week was our first repeat visit there since that night when he said, "Will you?" and I said, "Yes!" What a special time of remembering and marveling over all that God has done in the four years since then!

Here we are, posing for a self-portrait right about the spot where Dave knelt and asked for my hand:
Annapolis 5

The same spot several hours later (sans Dave and Cara). This is what it looked like when Dave proposed, almost pitch dark, with the lights from across the way dancing across the black water.
Annapolis 6

Yesterday afternoon we drove homeward, collected our baby and returned to our very own little house. A few hours later I ran down the street to attend a friend's baby shower. When I came home, I found one more blessing to round out our getaway. To save me an extra bit of work and lavish me with a little bit more relaxation, my husband had unpacked most of our luggage, put all of our clothes and gear away, and cleaned up the dinner dishes.

Darling Man, I can't tell you how special this weekend was to me. Thank you so much for planning it and paying for it. I know we will be reaping the benefits of our time together for many months--and maybe years--to come. I love you so.


Mrs. "M" said...

So enjoyed reading this post. It was nice to get a glimpse into the proposal and how you got engaged. It looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

So glad to 2 could get away before the new baby comes, what a great time away! Enjoyed the pics! Way to go Dave, major points as some of us say..hahaha..
Sailing is so much fun!!