Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"The Other Gold"

Have you ever heard that old song--I think it's a Girl Scouts ditty or something:

Make new friends
And keep the old
One is silver
And the other gold

The Wilcox family had an "old friends" kind of weekend. First, on Saturday morning, I went to Tyson's Corner to meet my dear Elsbeth. Elsbeth and I met each other in sixth grade (remember Mr. Dawson's seventh-period math class, Honey?) and have been enjoying each other's company ever since. That's almost 16 years of friendship! These days, Els and I only get to see each other about three or four times a year, so our tête-à-têtes à La Madeleine are very precious! Here we are, all caught up on the latest news from one another's lives:
Els and Cara

After Tyson's, I found my way to McLean, VA, where I had the privilege of attending a baby shower for Mrs. Jennifer Cahalane (formerly Jen Wahl). Jen is one of my old Abbey roommates, and now she and I are due to have baby boys exactly one week apart! What fun to go and celebrate with her as she and her husband Patrick anticipate the birth of their little John Edmund! Here is a shot of the mommy-to-be. Isn't she cute?
Jen's Shower 1

This little gal, Dorothy McMillen (daughter of Rob and Kelly), was the life of the party. I had to snap a picture of her as she played amidst the shower gifts--she is the happiest baby I have ever seen!
Jen's Shower 2

Here's one of Jen and me comparing tummies--her due date is September 16th, and mine is the 23rd.
Jen's Shower 3

Lastly, yesterday we got to hang out with our favorite New Yorkers--James, Sunita and Gratzie Puleo. Dave and Suni met when they were both students at American University. We love catching up with the Puleos whenever they are in town. (Oh, and we did go to New York and stay with them once too! Hopefully we'll do it again some day!) It was especially neat to spend time together yesterday, as they told us about their plans to embark on full-time mission work in their community in Queens, NY! We are praying that God uses this dear family to accomplish great things for His Kingdom. Here they are, standing in our yard:
Puleos 2

And this is one of Meg and cutie pie Gratzie, who are just four months apart (Gratzie is older):
Puleos 1
(Jim and Suni are expecting their second baby in January, so once again, our kiddos will be spaced about four months apart. Pretty fun, huh?)

How grateful we are for God's gift of friendship in all its varied forms!

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