Friday, August 17, 2007

Insight Into the Private World of Wilcox

A lot of people, I think, see my husband as a serious, somewhat intense kind of guy. That can be true, certainly. But there's another side that most people never get to see--a silly, funny, goofy side that comes out mostly when he is at home and fully relaxed. This was perfectly illustrated two nights ago, in a brief incident that I thought I should share.

Around 9:00 on Wednesday evening, Dave and I were in the kitchen after finishing a late dinner clean-up session. The baby was wiggling around inside me, and I started singing that old Amy Grant song, "Baby, Baby", trying to make up my own words to describe the sensations I was feeling. Dave bopped around to my self-made music for a moment. Then, after listening to several of my feeble attempts at lyric parody, he thought for a moment and burst into his own version:

Baby, baby, just chillin' on my bladder--
When you come out my tummy will be flatter!

Not only brilliant and creative and witty--he also has great insight into the mind of a pregnant woman. What can I say? I am one blessed wife!


The Marcantonios said...

This has got to be one of the funniest things I've read! Goodbye Mrs. Spiro, hello Mr. Wilcox!

michelle said...

Aw, this blog reminded me of the good ol' abbey days and all those fun songs we sang at debbie's wedding!

I wish I was there to see Dave sing those words- so silly!