Monday, August 27, 2007

And Home From the Beach

Today, I must confess, I had a touch of the Beachless Blues. It's always a little tough for me to leave the shore, and this year, after watching my little girl enjoy it so, so much, it was extra hard to say goodbye. But looking back through my pictures makes me very grateful for the many wonderful memories we made as a family. It's hard to choose from among my favorites, so here are a bunch, in no particular order.

Beach 8

Beach 9

Beach 5

Beach 1

Beach 2

Beach 3

Beach 11

Beach 4

Beach 10

Beach 6

Probably I'll post a few more tomorrow. For once, I think I'm going to just let the pictures speak for themselves rather than writing a whole lot about the trip. Ahhhhh, but it was lovely!

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