Thursday, May 01, 2008

Seven (Plus) Months Old (by Matthew)

Matthew 7Mos

Mommy has been neglecting our blog terribly as of late. (She said I could say that.) She says it's because of the springtime weather and trying to spend as much time out-of-doors as possible. I guess that's as good an excuse as any.

Now that I am nearing eight months old, Mommy thought I should post a seven-month update. That is, we'll try to bring you up to speed about my seventh month without giving away too much of the information that really ought to go in my eight-month update. This will be tricky, because we have to do a mental rewind and try to recall which of the things I am doing now that I wasn't doing then. But Mommy is insistent. She's a purist like that. (Mommy's editorial note: Actually, I just want to be able to remember what he started doing when for my own information.)

OK, so, here are the things I started doing in my seventh month of life:
-getting up on my hands and knees and rocking (the pre-crawl)
-eating the following solid foods: avocado, mango, rice, pear, banana, oats
-growing hair faster
-consistently sleeping through the night till about 5:00 a.m.
(then I eat and go back to sleep till 7 or 7:30)
-sitting up with no support for as long as I please
-fighting tooth and nail to reach nearby objects and/or roll over during every diaper change

Regarding that last item, this is the month when Daddy and Mom started seeing more of the boy in me come out. After all, what self-respecting male baby is going to sit perfectly still and docile during the changing process? Personally, I don't have time for sitting still. I'm a man on a mission--I gotta go, gotta explore, gotta conquer, gotta... find the nearest block and slobber all over it. Because that's what being a guy is all about. I think. Then again, I'm only seven months old, so I could be missing a part of the picture.

But, hey, I'll be eight months old in less than two weeks (that's one positive aspect of waiting so long to do this post), and I'm pretty sure I'll have it all figured out by then. So just check back in soon for my final and complete insights on manhood. Believe me, you won't want to miss them.

(No picture round-up this time--sorry. We've already posted all the good ones from the month.)

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Sena said...

Oh, Cara - he is TOO cute!!!!
I love that picture!