Saturday, April 19, 2008


Jump 2

This is a series of pictures that I took while we were at Mom's earlier this week. Now, ours is just a point-and-click camera, nothin' fancy, so you'll have to excuse the blurriness. But I loved capturing Meg in motion--especially since that's how she spends every waking moment!
Jump 5

She was having a blast with this toddler picnic-table that Nana found at a yard sale last year. (You didn't think she'd actually want to eat on it, did you, Ma?) Her game went something like this: climb up on the bench on one side of the table, step up onto the table, pat Ari's head (if he was in reach) and say, "Hiiiii, Buggy-oh!" and then step down onto the other bench. Then yell, "One... two... three... JUMP!"
Jump 6

Then turn around, climb up the other way, and repeat in the opposite direction.
Jump 10

I love this next one.
Jump 7

This one too:
Jump 8

Just before touch-down:
Jump 9

She must have done this fifty times...
Jump 1

Jump 3

Jump 4

Wouldn't you love to bottle that energy?

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The Marcantonios said...

She looks like a volleyball star in the making!