Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Celebration, Part 2

And now, as promised, we resume with our Spring Celebration recap, which ended, as you may recall, right around nap time...

After Matthew took a nap in the guestroom, Daddy took a nap on the couch, Meg talked to herself for two hours in Nana's bed, and Mommy and Nana enjoyed a heart-to-heart, it was time to get up and get going. Dave and I hid Meg's eggs and candy around the back yard. (Part of the reason that we wanted to do this thing at my mom's is that she and Dad have a muuuuuch nicer back yard than we do.) Then we went to get Meg.

Here she is with Daddy, getting coats on. (Dave is rebelliously making a nasty face. I told him I'd have to put the picture up just to show people how difficult my husband can really be...)
Spring 23

"Got your basket? OK, let's go!"
Spring 24

It was really special to have my whole family home and involved for this part. In addition to Mom and Cubby, who were there all day, Lena had made it home from school by this time, and Dad had the afternoon off of work. As Dave led Meg around to the back of the house, she turned around to look at all of us, as if to say, "Um, it's really fun to be outside together, but why are you all following me?"
Spring 25

She caught on fast. Here was the first egg...
Spring 26

She immediately headed for Cubby to show him her big find.
Spring 27

"Hey, there's candy in here! Yum!"
Spring 28

Spring 30

"Hey, Meg, what's at the top of the ladder?"
Spring 31

Well, whaddya know?
Spring 32

In between each and every find, she ran (and I mean ran) back to Cubby to show him the latest and greatest, excitedly yelling, "CUBBY! I GOT EGG!"
Spring 33

Nana helps Meg break into the chocolate...
Spring 34

...which Meg then sported for the rest of the afternoon.
Spring 36

My one sort-of artsy shot... probably taken accidentally.
Spring 35

Daddy had to lead Meg to the Holy Grail of all egg-hunts...
Spring 37

...the chocolate bunny!
Spring 38

Showin' the bunny to Aunt Lena.
Spring 39

Nana, Lena, and Meg.
Spring 40

My adorable sister, looking like a JCrew model or something...
Spring 41

...and, when the hunt was over, showing Meg her pix.
Spring 42

And one last shot of my best friend, making up for that first picture by looking dreamy in this one.
Spring 43

All in all, we could not have had a more beautiful day for our Spring Celebration. We enjoyed it so much, and I am very grateful to my dear Nalle family for hosting us and participating with us. Having you guys involved makes it even more special for Meg! She loves you all so much... oh, and, by the way, so do we.

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