Saturday, March 15, 2008

Big John

Tonight as I rubbed lotion on Meg after her bath, she whiled away the time perusing The Jesus Storybook Bible. About a third of the way through, she turned to a picture of an immense, glowering man in armor towering over a small boy with a slingshot. Meg looked at me, then pointed to the large fella.

"Big John," she said.

"Big John? Tha... is that Big John?" I asked, just to clarify.


"That's Goliath," I said casually, stifling my internal laugh riot.

"Yeah," said Meg.


Jago said...

Always interesting to her how my illustrations will be interpreted!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cara, do you like this story book bible better than the crossway one?


Cara said...

Hi, Marlon. We own both The Jesus Storybook Bible (Zondervan) and the Big Picture Story Bible (Crossway). We like them both very much and would highly recommend either one. We've been through both of them with Meg (the Crossway one many times), and right now the Crossway one is a little more suited to her short attention span. But having both and alternating is a nice way to break things up. Also, the Zondervan one tells a few more of the "classic" Bible stories (Jonah, for example, or Daniel in the lions' den) that the Crossway one glosses over. The Crossway title "Big Picture" is very accurate--it gives almost an overview of the whole Bible, and it succeeds very well in showing that the Bible is not just a bunch if disconnected stories, but one continuous story of man's rebellion and God's redemption. The Zondervan one is also aptly titled--it brings Jesus and his role into every single story, from Creation to Revelation. Both great approaches, both great products.