Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Joseph" and the Amazing Tech-Director Dreamboat

In case anyone didn't realize it already, my husband is an amazing guy.

This Friday night, Covenant Life's youth ministry production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat goes up. ("Goes up" is theater-speak for "begins performances".) That means that rehearsals are long and intense this week, and guess who is there for all of them? That's right... Mr. David Wilcox, sound engineer extraordinaire.

(I know that Dave would want me to clarify one thing: he is not actually the technical director for this show [although he is the TD for the church, and since this is a church event, he is ultimately responsible for all of the tech support]. However, due to God's great kindness, Dave was recently able to hire an assistant TD, Ben, and he delegated the role of TD to Ben for this production. This means that Dave is free to mix this show--and do nothing else--which is great! In the past he has juggled both roles (TD and mixer), and if you can imagine mixing a musical with 20 or so wireless mics that are swapped out between various actors multiple times throughout the show while simultaneously delivering clip lights to band members and covering backstage lights with blue gels, well, then you have a pretty good idea of what Dave has done for the past four high school productions.)

Anyway, this is just a post to say that Dave is working some very long hours this week, and he has such a good attitude about it. I don't know if I've ever met another person who works so hard and complains so little. Even people who know him well rarely have any idea how much he works--because he just doesn't bring it up. He is so very humble. My husband is an extremely smart and gifted man, who (I think) could be doing just about anything he wants. Yet he's chosen to serve our church, day in and day out, doing anything and almost everything that is asked of him. And I've never heard him even hint that something he's been asked to do might be beneath him. I so want to be like him, as He is like Christ, in this way!

I don't think that those kids in "Joseph" have any idea how blessed they are. To have a guy with my husband's knowledge and experience behind the board, making sure that, when they open their mouths, they're gonna be heard loud and clear--that is just not a typical high school actor's experience. (Take it from someone who knows!)

My dearest Love, your family is missing you and praying for you this week. Thanks for giving your life (and your sleep!) away so that this show can be excellent technically as well as artistically. I can't wait to see--or rather, hear--the fruits of your labors when I get to attend the show!


tessa said...

yup, your hubby is one humble guy. thanks for working so hard at home so that the show can go on with your man there ;)

Sean said...

Thank you so much Mr. Wilcox for serving us in this capacity!!!! This show is so much better because of you!!!

phil said...

Mr. Wilcox Is the MAN!!!!! Thanks so much Wilcoxes for all you've invested in the show, you guys totally ROCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

"how can we thank God enough for you?"
may the Lord continue to bless you, your family, and all your endeavors for Him.

Monica said...

Thank you so much Mr. Wilcox! We could have done the show without you!! And thank you to the rest of the family for giving up your husband/father to serve us! We are so blessed by you guys. :D