Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Makin' Mess

Meg the Mess

"'Kin' mess" (making a mess) is one of Meg's favorite phrases these days. It often seems that her primary goal in sitting down to a meal is to be able to say those words with integrity. She usually announces "'kin' mess" at the start of each meal, before she has even received any food--to forewarn us, I suppose. Then she repeats it several times throughout the meal, just to make sure we haven't forgotten. Finally, when she has filled her belly and accomplished her aim, we usually have a conversation like the one we had today after lunch, when I snapped the picture above.

I had gone upstairs to put Matthew to bed, and when I returned Meg had finished her soup. "'Kin' big meeeeess!" she told me, with relish, as I came back into the kitchen.

"Yes," I replied, "you certainly did make a big mess."

"Oh, good!" she said, sounding overjoyed to have Mommy's agreement. "'Kin' mess!"

So glad I can affirm you in your heart's desire, my child.

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