Friday, March 28, 2008

Guess Who's Eating?

Well, let's see, I guess it was one week ago today that we started Matthew on solid food. (Honestly, I think "solid" should always be put in quotes in this context, because there is no way that starter baby food qualifies scientifically as a solid. Even though I scarcely squeaked through high school chemistry, I feel quite certain on this point.)

So here he is, bibbed and ready to go on the first day of spoon-feeding. Is he cute, or what?
Matthew Eating 1

We passed on the typical rice-cereal opener, choosing avocado as Matthew's very first food. Yummmm... all those good, unsaturated fatty acids, great for babies' brain development! Here's what it looked like:
Matthew Eating 2

The moment of truth... first bite.
Matthew Eating 3

Love that reaction.
Matthew Eating 4

A few bites later it didn't seem to have grown on him much...
Matthew Eating 5

...but actually, he did very well with it that day, and the next day--phew! You should have seen him slurping it down!

Pureed mango was his second introduction into the wide world of fruit.
Matthew Eating 6

Whoops! That bite may have been a little tart.
Matthew Eating 7

OK, Son, now that you've tried mango, are you still up for the avocado? Apparently so, based on this reasonably satisfied face...
Matthew Eating 8

Today we started bananas, but I didn't bother taking pictures. No very extreme faces--I think he's getting used to the whole eating concept. Plus, I mean, bananas. How can you go wrong?

So it seems that our boy is off to a good start on the "solids" front. Tiny portions so far, but hey, his stomach is still the size of, what? A walnut or something? Besides, we gotta be grateful for his tiny appetite while it lasts. All too soon, I'm sure, we'll reach those fabled teenage-boy days, when nothing in the house will be safe from our ravenous young wolf.

Ah, food... one of God's good gift to mankind! You're in for a whole lot more yumminess, Matthew. Just you wait and see.

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