Friday, March 07, 2008


Having some fun with Matthew and the camera today...

MatthewFaces 5

MatthewFaces 4

MatthewFaces 6

Matthew Faces 3

MatthewFaces 2

MatthewFaces 7

MatthewFaces 8

MatthewFaces 9

MatthewMommyFaces 2

MatthewMommyFaces 3

MatthewMommy Faces 1

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Anonymous said...

Cara I love that you started this BLOG. One of the things I miss about being in Colorado is not getting to see you and your family. Especially your little ones as they grow up. I'm so happy that Meg is doing so well with her speach. And Matthew is darling.
But now I can at least see how they and you and Dave are growing. Know you guys are in my thoughts and in my prayers.