Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Poopy Valentine's Day

Once upon a Valentine's Day, a Mommy had to go to a meeting at church. She couldn't take her Little Girl and Baby Boy with her to the meeting, so she took them to their Nana's house for the afternoon. The Little Girl loved going to her Nana's house.

When the Mommy and the Little Girl and the Baby Boy got to the Nana's house, they had lunch. The Little Girl accidentally dripped soup on her pink pants and made a bright red stain on them. After lunch, it was discovered that the Little Girl's diaper had leaked wetness through her onesie and pants. Since the Mommy did not have a change of clothes for the Little Girl, she and the Nana decided to take the Little Girl's onesie and pants off and wash them while the Little Girl took a nap. The Little Girl went to bed in her Nana's big bed wearing just her diaper and her sweatshirt. The Baby Boy also went down for a nap, and then the Mommy went to her meeting.

When the Mommy came back from her meeting, the Nana told her that the Little Girl had taken a very long time to go to sleep. The Mommy thought that meant the Little Girl would be asleep for a while longer, so she fed Baby Boy and waited. Much to her surprise, she soon heard the Little Girl crying very loudly. The Little Girl's Auntie went into the Nana's room and quickly called for the Nana and the Mommy. "She pooped all over!" said the Auntie.

Well, (not to be too graphic here) when the Nana and the Mommy raced into the bedroom, they discovered that the Auntie was not exaggerating. What they surmised in retrospect was that the Little Girl had been playing in bed before she feel asleep and that she decided to take off her diaper. After that, she probably drifted off and did some business in her sleep. While she slept and as she came to, she successfully wiped the soil all over her sweatshirt, legs and arms, torso, and yes, her face--chin, cheeks, forehead, eyelids. And her hair. Not to mention the Nana's bedclothes. This was the stunning and gruesome picture that greeted the Nana and the Mommy when they entered the bedroom.

The Little Girl was, understandably, very distressed. As the Mommy and the Nana rushed her into the bathtub and began scrubbing dried brown stuff off of her skin, the Little Girl sobbed and sobbed, screaming, "Yucky? Yucky?" at frequent intervals. Then, between her own consternation and standing unclothed in the tub for several minutes, she began to shiver violently. The mess was now all off of the Little Girl's skin, so the Mommy wrapped her in several towels and rubbed her skin to warm her while the Nana scoured the tub and refilled it with nice, warm water. After this second, very soapy bath, during which the Little Girl still was not entirely consoled, her Auntie came to the rescue with some of her own clothes for the Little Girl to wear. These included a Muppets t-shirt, which proved to be a tremendous consolation to the Little Girl. By now it was almost the Baby Boy's bedtime, so the Nana and the Auntie helped the Mama to pack the children up in their van. They drove home, leaving the Nana to continue cleaning the mess in her bedroom.

After the Daddy arrived at home that evening and heard the story, he and the Mama made quick work of eating dinner and giving the Little Girl her Valentine's gifts. They then put the Little Girl to bed early. After which, the Mommy was so exhausted from the whole ordeal and from coming down with a head cold that she celebrated Valentine's Day with the Daddy by falling asleep beside him at 7:30 in the evening.

The End

Valentines 2008 1
The Little Girl herself, enjoying a post-trauma pear.

Valentines 2008 2
The Daddy and the Little Girl with the Little Girl's Valentine's Day gift.


Debbie said...

That is HYSTERICAL, Cara. I was laughing out loud.

But at the same time, I feel so bad for your Poor Girlie! What a traumatic experience.

Mrs. "M" said...

Wow! That is really gross! I am really not a poop person. It was way too funny too.....mostly becasue it wasn't me! I am surprised you didn't barf...I think I might have:o)