Sunday, February 17, 2008


This is Matthew getting hugged by Meg.
Hugs 1

This is a close-up of Matthew getting hugged by Meg.
Hugs 5

This is Matthew lying on his tummy getting hugged by Meg.
Hugs 2

As you can see, getting hugged by Meg is sort of a confusing experience for Matthew right now. "Is this supposed to communicate your affection for me? Or are you practicing to be in the WWF?"
Hugs 3

Well, at least someone gets joy out of it.
Hugs 4


mich said...

i love these cara! caden-waden over here says he can relate :O).

Jerusha said...

Oh these pictures just made me laugh out loud. I love Matthews face in the last picture

Anonymous said...

Man, what is happening to me? The boy does not have a chance! These are such great photos! Just wait till he gets bigger, I bet he gives her a run for her money...Jan

Mrs. "M" said...

Hi Cara,

I have tagged you for a fun meme. Come over to my blog and check it out.

He is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

These are hilarious! Meg is quite the hugger! :) LOL

Evy :)