Saturday, February 16, 2008

Five Months Old (by Matthew)

Matthew 5Mos 1

I'm five months old now, everyone, and I'm getting big and strong. Just look at how good I am at doing this...
Matthew 5Mos 5

...and this!
Matthew 5Mos 7

Sometimes I am a little too strong for my own good. Mommy has resumed fighting the nighttime rolling-over battle with me, as the pillows that I am wedged between are no longer a significant obstacle. In the middle of the night, I roll myself onto my back, wake up, and start cooing and whispering to myself like it's not 1:00 in the morning. And when Mommy comes in and peers blearily over the crib railing, I squirm and grin and get all ready for social hour. Then I feel very indignant when, instead of picking me up and talking to me, she just flips me back to my tummy and leaves. So I roll over again. And again.

But during awake time, rolling isn't such a bad thing. It allows me to do this, for instance:
Matthew 5Mos 4
This, in case the picture is unclear, is one of my very favorite activities. I call it Watching My Big Sister Do Whatever It Is That She Is Always Doing. And I am willing to twist and turn and stretch and roll and crane and do anything that's needed to keep my eyes on that very active girl. Boy, is she fascinating!

On the personality front, I continue to resemble two of the Seven Dwarfs: namely, Happy and Sleepy. As long as I'm well-rested, I will smile at pretty much anyone, and I'm downright giggly with Daddy and Mom. But let me get just to the other side of restedness, and allllll that happiness drains away. I'm still usually good for only about an hour between naps.

I am growing quite a bit more hair recently. It is very fine and very light brown, so it still doesn't completely cover my cradle cap. Mommy says more hair makes me look extra handsome. But you can judge for yourself.

Matthew 5Mos 8

Matthew 5Mos 6

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