Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Our Bedroom

For Christmas, my darling hubby gave me a bedroom makeover. That is, he gave me a Home Depot gift certificate (sounds romantic, right?) and committed to repaint our bedroom. This involved Dave taking three days off of work to get started. And start he did! As of last night, he had painstakingly completed three coats on all of the trim. (There is enough trim in this room to span a football field.)

My painter-man:
Painting 1

Just look at the way he handles the brush!
Painting 2

Perhaps you don't understand how much this gift of my husband's time and energy means to me. You see, this means that our bedroom will no longer be the "neutral" color that our home's previous owner slapped on all of the walls, ceilings and trim everywhere in the house before selling it. Don't get me wrong, it's nice that she repainted. It's just that the browny-beige with the faint green undertone that she chose is... um... well, let's just say we're grateful to be getting rid of it, one room at a time.

We're currently camping out in our living room, king-sized mattress and all, until the room is finished. When it is, it will be a very light blue (Behr's "Geyser" to be precise) with bright white trim. So exciting... can't wait to see how purty it'll be!

Thanks, my Love, for working so hard to get this project completed! I'm so very glad to be doing life by your side, tackling house projects and soul projects and parenting projects and church projects one at a time along with you.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Dave! Keep smiling! Jan