Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pink (by Meg)

We are really into it these days.

Sometimes I even like to wear pink on my face! OK, I may not actually like to do this, but when I'm dancing in the kitchen and I slip and fall down and wham my head on the edge of the open dishwasher, I end up doing it anyway. Like this:
Owie Meg
Yeah, that was an owie. But it's much better now (several days after the fact)--no more lump, and the bruise has faded to a dull yellow.

One more note on pink: in case you've been wondering about that rosy patch on my chin in all of the recent pictures, it seems to be my winter eczema flair-up for the year. It doesn't really itch or anything, so you don't have to feel sorry for me. It's really just one more way of showing my love for pink.


Shannon Anderson said...

Very cute Meg. I'm totaly into pink myself. Shannon

Mari said...

I like your commitment to pink Meg!