Thursday, December 06, 2007

Two Year Stats (by Meg)

Headshot Meg

I went to see the doctor today. My favorite thing about going there is the great big table in the middle of the well-children's waiting room. It is just the right height for me and it has lots and lots of choo-choo cars* all over it, and a track for them to drive on and tunnels for them to go through and all kinds of things. There is also a very nice rocking neigh* over in the corner. I like to ride on it.

Today when I stood on the rattly metal thing nurse Jamie said that I weighed 29.5 lbs, which is about the 80th percentile. Then she laid that cold metal thing on my head and told me to look straight ahead. I didn't like that much, so Mommy smiled real big and tried to convince me it was a hat. (I wasn't really buying it.) Anyway, when that was over she said I was 2' 10.5" tall.

Mommy asked if it's really true that if you double my height at two you'll find out how tall I'll be when I grow up. The nurse said that it's not fool-proof but it's often pretty close. Mommy figures that puts me at about 5' 9" some day. That means taller than her but shorter than Daddy, which is a good thing, because Daddy announced the other day that he won't mind if his sons exceed him in height but he's not real excited about his daughters being taller than him.

Then the doctor came and checked me out. I was very good for him, even though I am just a little scared of people poking and prodding me. I did fuss for a moment when he tried to look in my mouth and put the bright light in my eyes, but not much. And of course, I cried a tiny bit when the nurse came back in and put those nasty, cold pricky things straight into my arm, but it was very quick, and then Mommy wrapped me up in a great big hug and told me all done, so then I was okay. As we walked out to our car Mommy told me she was so proud of me for being brave. And she told God she was so grateful that Matthew slept in his car seat for the whole appointment!

And that's the story of our trip to the doctor's office today.

*Some words and phrases in Meg's vernacular may vary from those used by the average American adult.

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