Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Past: Christmas Morning

Here is a recap of our Christmas morning, in pictures... and a few words, of course. (I can't help myself!)

After a waaaaaay too short night, Dave and I got up and readied a few things around the house. Then we got the kids up. Here is my Christmas Meg in her Christmas jammies drinking her Christmas juice:
Christmas 1

We took everyone out to the living room to behold William Howard in all of his gift-sheltering splendor.
Christmas 2

Then we read one of our favorite Christmas books, This Is The Star, as well as some of the nativity narrative from the book of Luke. Then we began the present opening. There was a lot to open, as we had gifts from two sets of grandparents under the tree as well as our own. Since we were in a bit of a hurry to get down to Virginia for the "big family" Christmas, we carried on an old Nalle tradition of breakfasting on the living room floor while unwrapping gifts.
Christmas 5

This is our family's gift from Grandpa Don and Grandma Jan: a Family Fun Night Fund Jar... stuffed to the brim with greenbacks. What a great idea!
Christmas 12

A mysterious, large gift sat in the corner--apparently unnoticed by Meg--until all of the other presents were unwrapped. Then it was time for the unveiling! What is it, Meg?
Christmas 8

Woah... it's an easel from Grandma Dawn and Grandpa Tom!
Christmas 9
Christmas 10

Dave got two baseball caps--one University of Michigan (he's not really a big fan, but at least it's a way to show loyalty to his home state) and one with an SR-71 Blackbird on it (that's a cool military aircraft). Here he models his new headgear, with a little help from Meg.
Christmas 16

Trying out Meg's "big" gift from Daddy and Mama--remember the old Sit 'N' Spin?
Christmas 15

Goofin' off:
Christmas 13

My Christmas sweeties:
Christmas 4

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