Friday, December 07, 2007

Babies In the Brown Chair

Wednesday was my favorite kind of winter day: a snow-fall day. Our first of the season. Outside it was whispery still and cold and white and somehow unearthly. Inside it was warm and merry and familiar and snug. After several days of almost constant hurry and bustle, this day presented the perfect excuse to lay aside my to-do list, gaze out the window, relax and enjoy my babies. So that's what I did. And I took pictures, so that you might enjoy my babies too.

When I set Matthew up in our living room's comfy brown chair, Meg clambered up beside him and wriggled her arm back around his shoulders. For a few moments, she was content to sit still and pose with her brother. I clicked away happily for as long as this rare mood lasted.

Just settling in:
M&M 1

How darling can you get?
M&M 2

"You doing okay down there, Matthew?"
M&M 3

"Well, to be honest this kind of hurts my neck..."
M&M 4

M&M 5

"Maybe you just need a kiss."
M&M 6

"Or how about a sip of juice?"
M&M 7

"No? Well, I love you, anyway, buddy."
M&M 8

"Okay, well, that was a nice sentimental little interlude, but... I think I'm done now."
M&M 9

"Bye-bye, big sister."
M&M 10

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