Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Birthday Party

Our little big girl turned two yesterday, and we are just floored by how quickly she has grown from teeny baby into full-fledged preschooler. A toddler she is not--that is, she sure doesn't do anything that resembles "toddling" any more. Running? Jumping? Tumbling? Yes, but no toddling.

We had a small birthday party for her and my mom, who shares the December 4 birth date, on Sunday afternoon. It was great to have our dear family and a few close friends here to celebrate with us. Here's a brief recap of Meg's half of the party:

Our simple decor scheme--scattered pink and yellow balloons--was more than enough to satisfy the birthday girl:
Bday 1

Mommy brings out the cake--or rather, cupcakes:
Bday 3

Meg, having been warned so many times to stay away from things that are hot, is terrified of this flaming offering now being laid before her.
Bday 4
(Grandma Dawn, I trust you are noting the heirloom revolving cake platter!)

But she quickly recovered enough to watch Daddy and Mommy blow out the candles...
Bday 5

...and clap for herself.
Bday 6

At first, Meg was a little tentative about opening presents, like this one from Grandma Dawn and Grandpa Tom.
Bday 8

One of Daddy and Mommy's gifts was a set of dress-up clothes, which Meg tried to put on all at once.
Bday 10

After she realized that all of the stuff inside these packages was really cool and exciting, she warmed up to the present opening.
Bday 12

One of the biggest hits of the day was this Elmo doll from Grandpa Don and Grandma Jan. (Meg's playing with it as I type, as a matter of fact.)
Bday 15

Isn't she awful cute?
Bday 7

A couple of shots of family... Cubby checking out Meg's gifts:
Bday 9

The other birthday girl, holding Matthew:
Bday 13

Lovely Lena ("Neeee-uh" in Megese):
Bday 16

After it was all over we realized that we had forgotten to let Meg sample her own cake! We rectified that yesterday at lunch time:
Bday 17

I think she liked it!
Bday 18

I will save the bulk of my meditations for more private records, but suffice it to say that Dave and I are very, very grateful for our daughter. The joy and the grace that she ushers into our lives are sweet beyond words. We cannot imagine life without her. In short, Meg, we love you!

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Mrs. "M" said...

Happy Birthday Meg and Nancy! Wow....she is two already. She is so adorable Cara.
Loved the close up of Lena....I almost didn't recognize her.