Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Past: Meg's Ornaments

Well, Christmas 2007 is behind us already--although I thank God that we never have to stop celebrating Christ's incarnation! Christmas week was full and rich for the Wilcoxes. Unfortunately, I got far fewer pictures than I had hoped, and the ones I did get are not all that I could desire. (Christmas with Miss Perpetual Motion didn't lend itself to great still shots.) But in my next few posts, I'll share what we did get, along with a few short stories about our festivities.

On Christmas Eve--or was it Christmas Eve Eve?--we got out Meg's small collection of Christmas tree ornaments and helped her to hang them on William Howard's generous branches. Here she reaches to place a little glass block in just the right spot:
Ornaments 1

The block and these shoes are both pieces of a "Baby's First Christmas" set given to Meg by my Aunt Heidi on December 25, 2005, when Megger was just three weeks old.
Ornaments 3

Matthew participated in this little ceremony by reclining on the couch and sucking his fist.
Ornaments 2

I took this last shot through tears as Dave read Meg the inscription on the box of one very special ornament--the one given to her on her first birthday by Margie, my late grandmother, whose name Meg bears. In a hand made shaky by a long fight with cancer, Margie wrote: "For Meg--Margaret Lauren Wilcox--12/4/2006. With all my love to my precious great granddaughter, Margaret E. Helms."
Ornaments 4

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