Friday, May 04, 2007

The Waiting Game

Today is my sister Jacque's due date. Or rather, it's her baby boy's due date. For the past week, every time the caller i.d. shows my parents' number, I'm expecting to pick up and hear one of them say, "Jacque's in labor!" But it hasn't happened yet, and so... we wait. (I say "we"... really it's Jacque who is doing the hardcore waiting.) Well, some things are definitely worth waiting for!

Actually, I, for one, am very grateful that Baby Spruill hasn't come earlier. Until this week, my mom was pretty tied up here in Maryland with my grandmother, who was in the hospital. But this Tuesday Margie was released, so now when the baby comes, Mom will be able to get away for at least a day or so to go visit Baby and take care of Jacque and Asher. That's going to be a huge blessing for both Jacque and Mom, as it was something they wanted very much. Just one more evidence that God is at work in our lives, always showing us kindness, always working for our good.

Update: Since I posted this, I have learned that the due date was actually yesterday. Sigh. I never have been able to get it in my head right!

In the meantime, until that little guy shows up, this is for Jacque. Jacque, if you're reading this, I thought it might amuse you to know that yesterday, Meg took up quite an attachment to the baby blanket you knitted for her. She brought it downstairs with her first thing in the morning, and all the way until lunchtime she would not be separated from it. She had to have it on her person at all times. She started with it just draped over her shoulders, but when it would fall off, she would look at it lying on the floor and cry as if to say, "Blanket, blanket, how could you desert me like this?" So Mommy started devising ways to attach it to her more permanently. Here are some of our attempts.

The shawl (close-up):
Blanket Dayz 1

The sari:
Blanket Dayz 2

The toga:
Blanket Dayz 4
(Can you tell she was really tired yesterday?)

And later, when the blanket had finally been retired, I found it comfortably nestled in the Tupperware drawer:
Blanket Dayz 5

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