Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Seeing Grandma Wilcox

One of the greatest highlights of our time in Louisville was getting to be with Dave's Grandma Wilcox once again. This special lady lives in a beautiful assisted living facility just a few miles from Dad and Jan's home. It is always such a joy to go and visit her there. Grandma always welcomes us with a huge smile and open arms, and I know that seeing Meg, her first great-grandchild, makes the time we share extra precious to her.

Here are some pictures of our various visits to Grandma last week.

Meg cracks Grandma up--just by being herself!
Grandma Wilcox 2

Grandma with her grandson and great-granddaughter:
Grandma Wilcox 4

Dave and Grandma chat over dinner, recalling memories of a trip they took to Morocco when Dave was 12 years old:
Grandma Wilcox 3

Our annual "Four Generations of Wilcoxes" portrait:
Grandma Wilcox 1

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