Tuesday, May 22, 2007

South Bound

This morning we catch a plane for Louisville, Kentucky, where we get to spend the week with Dad and Jan. We'll also get to visit with Grandma Wilcox, who lives nearby. Please pray for a safe and uneventful trip. We're giving Meg one more try at being a lap-baby, but she's pretty active and wiggly these days, so please ask God to give her an extra measure of peace in those little limbs when we board the plane! (Thanks soooo much to the Sheffers, who have loaned us their portable DVD player--that will make a huge difference!)

Not sure whether or not I'll be updating the blog while we're away. But Meg and I return home this Sunday evening, while Dave stays to work the New Attitude conference. Then he'll fly in late on Tuesday night. I'll be sure to post an update after we're all settled back at home, at the latest.

Au revoir, Maryland--we're headed to the real south!

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