Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The View from Mackinac (II)

Dave and I agreed that our visit to Mackinac Island was one of those transcendent days when everything truly seemed right and well in the world. It was a rare, deep-satisfied-soul-sighing kind of day. Here's more evidence of why:














And now, quite possibly the ugliest spot on Mackinac Island...

Matthew and Esme insisted that I take a picture of the ducks we saw while we were waiting for our bike-rental return transaction. Unfortunately, the ducks hang out on a sheltered, muddy, littered, uncharacteristically unpicturesque little patch of beach. Ah, well. The ducks of Mackinac, my dears. For your pleasure alone.

On the ferry ride back to the mainland, Esme was the only one who wanted to ride on the top deck with me (and she only stayed because she was being Mommy's girl that day). Oh, man, it was like the party boat up there. The captain warned us that the passengers sitting in the front left (where Esme and I were) were likely to get lightly sprayed, while those seated in the back right would certainly end up "bathtub soaked" due to the windy conditions and churning lake. Well, when the boat got out into open water and started jouncing over the choppy waves, spray blew up onto the deck in sheets. People were shrieking and squealing and laughing like we were on a roller coaster, and those on the back right did indeed get bathtub soaked, in very short order. I think boat rides are thrilling, and this one was particularly so, but it was rough, and Esme tired of it pretty quickly. But to get down the the lower deck, we would have had to get drenched, and I knew that would be far worse than riding it out. I was very glad everyone else was below, as I think the other kids would have been a mess.

Here's Esme on the boat, before things got too crazy...


And the only other picture I attempted while on the water, the lighthouse on the tip of the neighboring island...

Oh, Mackinac! How you teem with the glory of your Creator!

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