Saturday, October 06, 2012

First Field Trip

Yesterday we took our first field trip of the year, to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It's funny; we've been there at least three times previously, and I had assumed the kids would remember it (at least Meg). However, most of it was new again to them.

I did not have the wherewithal to manage three eager, mobile kids, one diaper bag on my back, a baby strapped to my front and a camera, so I didn't take any pictures. But my friend Jerusha was kind enough to send me this one, which I thought I would post here as a memory-keeper:

I was off in the corner nursing Graham during the presentation we attended, but Jerusha said that Matthew's reaction to this horseshoe crab was super cute. It was something between, "Woah, that is sooooo cool!" and "Aaaggghhhhh!!!! Scaaaaaaaryyyyy!"  Let's take a closer look at that face:
photo - Version 2

He did NOT want to touch the crab's shell when given the opportunity, and neither did Meg. (Esme, with a little persuasion, did give it a little rub.) But on the way home, Matthew told me that this crab was his favorite creature of the day, and he remembered several facts he learned about it!

Note to myself: this was a great experience, but it was also the most exhausting field trip EVER! Between driving into the city solo (city driving = STRESS), to having bungled directions (thanks a lot, Google Maps!) and temporarily getting stranded at Johns Hopkins (fortunately I know my way at least that far and could use a lifeline to call, call, text, and call my husband until I got through), to bearing the weight of the world on my shoulders (or just baby and bag) all through the aquarium, to dragging four kids (one still attempting to nurse, two screaming) out of the 4-D movie after about 30 seconds of previews, to chasing Esme up and around three floors of exhibits as she raced from tank to tank ahead of the other kids... well, I guess you get the picture. By the time we made it back to the van (for more city driving--yay!), I wanted a hot bath really, really bad. The moral of the story? The moms who had their husbands along for this field trip really knew what they were doing! Next time, take a man along!

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