Monday, October 01, 2012

Beach Pics I: A Do-Run-Run-Run

So, y'all are going to have to bear with me on these beach pictures. There are many that I plan to post, and here's the truth: I don't really mind that some of them are lousy shots or that they may seem repetitive, because these pictures are really for us. These vacations are so precious to our family; the memories captured in these pics are pure gold. But I apologize in advance in case I bore you!

I'll be organizing these fairly loosely--certainly not in chronological order. The shots in this post are all from a particular evening near the end of our stay when Dave was doing a lot of running with our kids.




Our non-runner (for this year)...




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Jonalee said...

Yay for the beach! Wish I was there. And great pics, by the way!