Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beach Pics IX: Matthew Normal





This boy loved the beach until he could love it no more. He was wild with happiness; he ran and ran and ran and ran, he played, laughed, splashed and ran some more. All of his usual finnicky sensitivity washed out to sea upon arrival. He didn't care if it was cold. He didn't care if his jeans got sopping wet. He just loved that beach. It was incredibly fun to watch him out there.

And then he had had enough. By our last full day, it required persuasion to get him in his swimsuit. On the morning we left, when Mom and Dad took the girls down for a final beach walk, Matthew opted to stay and help pack the car. (And he really did help, lots!) He had given all he had to give, and he was ready for some rest. I don't think we'd been on the road homeward for a half-hour before he asked if he could take a nap.

I think this might be a pretty good way to live life, yes? Be all there, hard, and then set your sights ahead and move on. No moping, no looking back. Just, "Goodbye, beach. It was great. Thanks for everything, and see ya next time."

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