Thursday, October 04, 2012

Beach Pics IV: Aylenne and Friends

These few pictures are all from our Windy Evening Walk, but I changed the color on them and then thought they looked weird with the others, hence the separate post. I rarely edit any of my pictures other than a quick crop, because I don't know what I'm doing, but these seemed to want something...

Aylenne is my younger sister's little girl, and her face is so like her mama's. (Though I see her dad's side in her too.) Anyway, she's just a few months older than Esme, and my little girl loooooooves her "Ay-yen." I guess we all do... she's pretty sweet stuff.

Here she is with Lena...


...and again with Nana.
IMG_0073 - Version 2

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Sandi said...

Love all the recent pictures and posts. The kids are all getting so big. It truly happens so quickly. My Eli guy truns 4 this weekend. He is potty trained and no longer using a booster at the dinner table. We really have moved into a new season. He still wants to snuggle every morning so I am surviving the huge change :)
Love to you