Friday, June 01, 2012


As my oldest two children are having a little afternoon coloring time and they notice the distant rumblings of an approaching storm, Matthew groans. "No playing outside?"

"Yep," says Meg cheerfully. She begins extemporizing a song.

Whether it's gray,
Whether it's sunny,
I trust God
No matter what the weather.
I trust Him, I trust Him
No matter what--

Matthew cuts her off with his own lyric.

I'm not sure if God is right--
He doesn't make a perfect life.

It's a new musical: The Theology of The Book of Job for Kindergartners. Now playing in the Wilcoxes' dining room. Get your tickets while they're hot.


Debbie said...

LOVE this! What a gift that your girlie is expressing faith in God in her particular circumstances. May it deepen as she grows!

Cara said...

Amen, Debbie. Thanks. :)