Sunday, June 03, 2012

Graham-Graham's Sweet Face







If a merry heart doeth good like a medicine, then Graham is all the tonic this family needs. He is such a sweet, jolly little fellow, a bottomless well of smiles. I never knew anyone to give love so freely. I know, I know--all he's really giving is a contraction of his facial muscles. Still, if you had the chance to live with this little guy and be on the receiving end of his smiles for one day, you would feel loved too.

On the eczema front, I was able to get him into the pediatric dermatologists at Johns Hopkins amazingly promptly. (Many, many thanks to Sarah for babysitting my bigs at the very last minute to make it possible!) Dr. Cohen gave us two new prescription creams, one for the thinner skin on Graham's face, and one for the rest of him. He also told me to give him two baths a day, and to keep him in long sleeves and pants all summer long. He told me not to take him outside unless we're in the pool. Word for word: "There are only two places he should be this summer: in the pool, or inside in the air conditioning." Of course, my first reaction was an internal snort ("Huh. That would be great if we had a pool, and if this was my first child instead of my fourth!") However, I have since learned the hard way that the summer heat and humidity really do exacerbate Graham's eczema (super bad), so we're doing what we can to follow the doc's orders. And the two baths a day, which I don't really have time for, are helping a LOT. So I'm making the time. Because eating is overrated. And so is showering, and all that other stuff to which I used to feel entitled.

As long as I can keep those smiles coming, I'll be just fine.

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