Thursday, June 07, 2012

Last Math Lesson

Around here, we're making a slow merge into summertime.  Today we did our last official math lesson of the year; all that remains for tomorrow is a final "assessment." I've done very little documenting of our school life since Graham arrived, but completing our math curriculum in its entirety seemed noteworthy, so I got out the camera.

The lesson involved drawing and graphing some of our favorite summer activities. Meg and Matthew wanted to color in our pictures.


The finished product:

Aaaaaand, the close-ups.

Taken together, those last two shots show that our favorite indoor summer activities include going to see a movie, making lemonade, playing soccer (more on that in another post), reading a book, and watching TV. Outdoors, we like to go on picnics, play at the playground, watch fireworks, go to Jimmie Cone, swim, go to the beach, help Nana in her garden, and walk on our neighborhood trail.

Sounds pretty good, no? Bring on the summertime!

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