Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update on Papa Don

Dave is back in Louisville this week, and the news about his dad is all very good. I can't tell you how grateful we are for the friends and family who have prayed along with us! A few short weeks ago things were not looking up, and now... well, get this:

-Dad is completely off the ventilator.
-Dad is breathing through his own nose and mouth, not through the tracheostomy.
-If Dad continues to breathe as well as he has been for the last day or so, they will soon remove the tracheostomy and allow that to heal.
-Dad is able  to talk. (Just not too much, since it wears him out.)
-Dad is able to do some exercise.
-Dad passed his barium test, which helps the doctors determine whether or not he's ready to begin eating (liquids) again.
-If all continues along these lines, Dad will probably be transferred to a rehabilitation facility sometime next week, and...
-Dad could be HOME by the beginning of July. He will still have a long road before life begins to look "normal" again, but still... home. That would be very, very good.

I'm getting all of my information from phone conversations with Dave (which are sometimes distracted on my end), so I hope I have everything correct. At any rate, we are praising God. Even Dad's nurses have called his recovery a miracle, and... well, we know Who works miracles. Thank you, Lord.

Keep praying!

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