Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Tree

It's not quite our best year with the Thanksgiving tree. We got a late start, and when I finally sat down to draw and cut out our tree shape, it ended up looking like something that was pulled out of the ground and stuck back in root-side-up. Something was a little off with my creative juices that day, I guess. At any rate, we've enjoyed giving thanks at dinner time each night. It's always a delight to hear what the kids come up with... and when they actually take it seriously (ahem, Matthew)--hey, so much the better.



Some of my favorite leaves on our tree so far read:

"Artem" -Meg (Artem is one of the Reece's Rainbow orphans we're praying for, that God would bring him a mommy and daddy very soon.)

"Dr. Wells Green and Nurse Jamie and how they're making Esme's rash better" -Matthew (after we took Esme to the pediatrician)

"Nana" -Esme (Esme says either "Nana" or "Daddy" almost every night when we ask what she's grateful for; sometimes with prompting we can get something else out of her.)

"That God made Mommy's teeth all better" -Matthew (after I had a painful TMJ flare up)

"God's protection for the Wilbourn family" -Matthew

"Operation Christmas Child" -Meg (on the day that we filled and delivered our shoe boxes)

We have so, so much for which to give God thanks.

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