Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Crime

The victim:

Further evidence:


The suspect:
(That's the look of a true maniac, if I ever saw one.)

Notice the corroborating evidence, remnants of a similar act committed--perhaps rehearsed?-- on the suspect herself. (The court notes that this exhibit would be even more compelling if suspect's mommy hadn't started scrubbing before she picked up the camera.)


Suspect charged with one count of assault with a permanent marker. Plea: no contest. Verdict: guilty. Sentence: being reprimanded, scrubbed well with a wet paper towel, and finished off with coconut oil and a wash cloth. (The prosecution and judge went pretty easy on her since this was a first-time offense.) The court also ruled to place a restraining order on this suspect to prevent her further access to Sharpies and similar weapons of toddler destruction.

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Julia said...

YOU GO ESME!! Me thinks your Mom isn't seeing the potential here for your life's calling.... you are going to make an amazing tattoo artist!!!