Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Leetle Turkeys

When I worked as a conference planner, I had a coworker and friend who would make up these silly names for me that always began with "My leetle (fill-in-the-blank)". By the way, this has nothing to do with the post I intended to write here. It's just that, when I started typing "My Little Turkeys" in the title field, it came out "Leetle" instead, and then I thought of my friend and her zany pet names.

"Yes, my leetle anchovy salad?"

"Yes, my leetle turnip blossom?"

Or an email from Trish would begin:

"My dear leetle snail egg..."

Anyway. Getting back to my little turkeys. Here dey is, on Thanksgiving Day.

In front of Meg and Matthew is the (out-of-focus) platter of desserts they made to share with our extended family. Here's a better look.

These Oreo-and-candy birds were sooo much fun for us to make. I am never quite sure, when I start a project with my kids, how it will go over, whether it will be quite at their skill level, how much it will hold their interest, etc. Let me tell you, it may have been the cookies and candy (which are normally pretty scarce in our house), but these were a hit from start to finish. The kids were delighted with their own handiwork.

And what a thrill for them to have something to contribute to our family gathering! Matthew kept the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. amused all day with his repeated, "Is it time to eat the turkey? Is it time to eat the turkey?" queries. Silly mama--the first time he asked, I actually thought he meant... you know, the turkey-turkey--which, at the time, was sitting in a lovely, thick slice on his plate.

(I'm sure one could find this project in about six dozen different places online, but we discovered it here. Gobble, gobble!)


kelly c said...

adorable, cara!

Anonymous said...

Miss you fondly, my leetle sugar plum. XOXO Trish

Cara said...

Trishka!!! So lovely to hear from you. Miss you too and think of you often.