Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Daddy in the House

Dave has had a busy couple of weeks with back-to-back conferences at church, but we got to have him home two nights in a row a few days ago. At one family dinnertime, the following conversation sparked across our table...

Meg: (slightly crossing her eyes at me) Mommy, when I do this, you have two heads.

Me: (not sure what she was talking about at first) When you...? Oh, when you cross your eyes.

Meg: Yeah. You have two heads when I do that!

David: (with a sly glance at me) Did you know that Mommy always has two heads, and your two eyes just make it look like one?

There was a momentary puzzled silence... and then I saw the tiny smirk on my husband's face. After that I laughed for a loooong time. My sweet, sweetie-sweet husband, telling our kids that I have two heads. Flattering, no? What a charmer!

How I do love that guy.

And so do our kids...

(That last one is Esme and Daddy having a quality Angry Birds moment. Up until two weeks ago, Angry Birds was a delight we were all perfectly content to ignore, but... not so much any more. Much to my chagrin.)


He's the love of our lives!

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Sandi said...

So sorry about your friends, so hard.

I feel like I have two heads sometimes and they are arguing with each other over what to do next :o)

Several of my "favorites" are there with you guys right now at those conferences...Pat, Cherry, Ali Sczebel...You guys have Joe and Becks for a whole year! Anyway hopefully things will slow done soon. Long days are well.....long.

Love to you