Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Masterpieces

This morning, due to circumstances beyond any human being's control, we had a scheduled school event fall through. The kids were pretty disappointed until Meg suggested that we paint. Drowning our sorrows in tempera? Sounds pretty good to me!





Love his two-handed technique.

One of Matthew's finished works, entitled Weird Sammich:

Meg called this one Flower Field:

And Esme just called hers Cheeeeeeeeeee!

A little creative outlet, and then we were able to turn our attention to science with a good will! This was a small thing in the grand scheme, but I'm grateful to God for using something as simple as paint to help us through what might have been a very rough morning.

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Becca said...

I think the title of Matthew's is the best part. ;-)
And re: your comment. Thanks! It would be fun to have littles together in DiscoveryLand some day. Sounds like it's pretty possibly...