Monday, April 06, 2009


I know that living in the D.C. area has its downsides, but golly, it sure has its ups too, doesn't it? Last week we braved the cool, damp weather to go and see the famed cherry blossoms down town. It was festival time, meaning peak blooming time, meaning... gorgeous time. Of course, the gloomy, overcast skies don't set off the beautiful flowers quite as well as clear blue expanses and sunshine, but still, hundreds of pink trees are hundreds of pink trees. So I'm not complaining.

Here are some pics of our time there, beginning with Meg and Mrs. Roosevelt:
CBloss09 1

CBloss09 2

CBloss09 3

Dave's comment when he saw this next shot was, "Our boy has some ears."
CBloss09 4
(Unfortunately, I know just where he gets it from. Did I ever mention that I had a friend in college who called me "Teapot?")

CBloss09 5

Like I said, the sky didn't do them justice (our camera doesn't either, I'm sure), but they were abundant and perfect!
CBloss09 6

Here's one just to prove that I was really there.
CBloss09 7

After an unpleasantly cold picnic down by the water, we went back to the car and changed into warmer coats before heading around the Tidal Basin to the Jefferson Memorial. They had live music there, and I guess it was Amateur Day, because there was a local high school marching band performing, followed by an elementary school choir. Meg was fascinated.
CBloss09 8

Meanwhile, Matthew was much more interested in playing on the steps. His cuteness, I must note, attracted the attention of more than one group of strangers, who waved at, took pictures of, and generally flirted with our son. And I was right there with them.
CBloss09 10

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What adorable looks like everyone is having a great time! Jan